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Lord Mustard

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Politically incorrect comic!

mustarddetailFrom 1992, here’s a seven-page strip which I also published as a landscape-format mini-comic of 24pp. The downloadable PDF (8.9 MB) is in the same format. The story was sent to Marc Baines for a comic he was editing at the time, who rejected it; later I sent it to the American publisher Monte Beauchamp for consideration in his Blab anthology. Monte also rejected the story, but said “your strip is very, very good”.

Perhaps I’m being ultra-sensitive, but I feel I need to warn readers the comic is probably best for an audience of broad-minded adults only. It contains some four-letter words, grotesque depictions of drunkenness, and politically incorrect stereotypes. It’s also very funny, if I say so myself.

Fact: Lord Mustard actually existed, a tap-dancing street artist who I saw still performing in Oxford Street in London in the late 1980s. He danced to a portable cassette player and had a hand-lettered cardboard sign describing himself as “The Famous Lord Mustard”. Later I learned that English painters from the 1960s likewise considered him a hero; I think he even have ended up as the subject of a pop-art era canvas. My Lord Mustard – no connection to the tap-dancing street artist – is a resourceful character who likes his brandy, but as a “bindlestiff” he allowed me to make one or two oblique comments on the homeless situation in London at the time.

Download Lord Mustard PDF

Interview on Resonance FM

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

logo23 April 2009: Ed Pinsent and Fast Fiction. “Continuing comic book publishing month on the show, Alex Fitch talks to Ed Pinsent, the second editor of the 1980s small press anthology Fast Fiction which was a ground-breaking publication in the history of British comics. Alex talks to Ed about his comic book work then and now, his processes of including work in the anthology and the reasons it came to an end.”

Strip! is the UK’s only weekly radio show about comic books, illustration and sequential art. Featuring: one to one interviews with the world’s finest comic book creators and experts, recordings of panels from comic book conventions and more experimental episodes that include monologues and performances by practitioners of the ninth art.

To be broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM, 5 pm, 23/04/09; repeated 11.30 pm 26/04/09.

Ioren and Marja on Scribd

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

Ioren and Marja