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Small press galleries update

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Most of my A5 small press comics collection is now completed and covers are available to view in four galleries. A special gallery devoted to the works released under the Help!Shark imprint is in preparation.

Today, started the gallery of A4 size comics; titles starting A-B are now represented. For American readers, maybe I should explain that A4 size is slightly wider than 8″ and slightly less tall than 12″; it’s about the closest we got to a magazine size format in the UK. Small press publishers found they could feed A3 paper into a photocopier and produce backed copies, if they were lucky.

I will also mention here that I added some photographs to the website earlier this month. We think they were taken around 1987 or 1988 and show the Fast Fiction / Escape artists meeting up, going to the comic mart at Westminster City Hall, convening at a conference, or just hanging out.

Serpent In Hell

Thursday, January 7th, 2010


Serpent in Hell, originally published in 1992 as a 36pp A5 comic, is now available as a digital download. A miserable and embittered fable of alienation and despair. Contains many obsessive images of a wretched, suffering snake and some disconcerting drawings of The Devil. The drawings are aspiring towards the condition of old engravings, and the book attempts to emulate the look of an 18th-century chapbook or pamphlet.

“Cover me up with squares of turf / And I will consort with my brother worm…”

Download Serpent In Hell as a PDF (14.96MB)
Contains some adult content and will probably not be suitable for young readers.