Ramollo and The Ice Baby

Here’s the next Ramollo story, a seven-pager written and drawn in the Autumn of 1994. In February 1995 I drew a related image to use as a cover. The story was published in a reformatted layout in the UK magazine Scenes From The Inside.

The original artwork is A4 size. The inking was done by overlaying Permatrace over the pencil drawings. I’ve left some of the sellotape impressions in my scans.

In this story Ramollo is part dog and part human, mutating in his rage into a multi-eyed monster at the end of the tale. The last story ended on an upbeat note for him and the Illegal Batman, but by this time a shadow has fallen between them. Through digging in the snow, Ramollo finds and befriends a mysterious creature which, he is convinced, communicates to him wordlessly by means of flashing information into his brain. I have to say this is one of my favourite stories and one that I am proud of having created.

Batman copyright and trademarks are owned by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Ramollo And The Ice Baby was written and drawn by Ed Pinsent in 1994-1995 and is a work of fan art offered free of charge to my readers. Please direct any questions to the artist.

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