Covers for an unpublished book

Here we have sketches for the front and back of an unpublished book. It was supposed to contain all the Illegal Batman and Ramollo stories. The book was to be titled RRRR or RRRRRRRRR depending on whether you read the cover or the spine.

The contents, in order, would have been ‘Ramollo’s Talents’, ‘The Gardener in the Moon’, ‘Ice Baby’, ‘Easter Song’, and ‘Illegal Batman’. All of these stories are now available on this website in one shape or form, with the exception of a two-pager called “The Uninvited Batman”, which was drawn by Darryl Cunningham.

When I was putting this book dummy together, the final story ‘Ramollo-Speak’ hadn’t been drawn, but if the book project ever sees the light of day then it ought to be included too.

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