Dead Trees

G Johnstone is one of my most loyal readers. We’re pleased to note he has a new website where he’s developing a new full-length work called Curse of the Yellow Book. We first saw Johnstone’s work in 1982, when his two-page Camus experiment was first published in the Scots zine Aka (I think issue #7; covers can be seen here. The editor Bob Napier also published a text analysis of the strip, which as it turned out was a bit of a mickey-take, but the target of the satire was pretentious critics, rather than Johnstone’s work. Johnstone went on to edit his own compendium of comic art, called Dead Trees.

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  1. G Johnstone Says:

    Hi Ed

    Thanks for posting this. The stats department of web empire advise me that more people have been referred from your site than by Google!

    The article in Aka was in fact by one of the other editors- John McShane, who would go on to publish Bogie Man.


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