Windy’s Alchemical Days

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An unpublished Windy Wilberforce story from 2004. This was the starting point of the vague series of fragments which I refer to as “Windy’s Alchemical Days”. The story gives some “prequel” information that relates to the 2003 story ‘Windy And The Homunculus’.

The story was drawn as an eight-pager. To publish it as a web comic / slide show, I made it into 24 rows. As part of this operation, I have recast pages one and seven which were both originally designed as full-page splashes; they have simply been cut into thirds. I added panel borders, erased some details, and made other adjustments. I hope soon to publish the full pages as well, since page design is important to me. As a comic reader, I have always been troubled when reprinted comic pages or strips were “cut up” to fit into a standard paperback format (e.g. Coronet editions of Peanuts, Ballantyne editions of Mad), but now here I am doing it to my own work.