Interview on Resonance FM

logo23 April 2009: Ed Pinsent and Fast Fiction. “Continuing comic book publishing month on the show, Alex Fitch talks to Ed Pinsent, the second editor of the 1980s small press anthology Fast Fiction which was a ground-breaking publication in the history of British comics. Alex talks to Ed about his comic book work then and now, his processes of including work in the anthology and the reasons it came to an end.”

Strip! is the UK’s only weekly radio show about comic books, illustration and sequential art. Featuring: one to one interviews with the world’s finest comic book creators and experts, recordings of panels from comic book conventions and more experimental episodes that include monologues and performances by practitioners of the ninth art.

To be broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM, 5 pm, 23/04/09; repeated 11.30 pm 26/04/09.

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