Fast Fiction 30

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London April 1991
36 pp, A5 size, blue paper cover, no cover price


Cover: John Bagnall
2: Contents page
3-7: ‘Men of Science’ by Denny Derbyshire
8-15: ‘Serpent in Hell’ (from a work in progress) by Ed Pinsent
16-20: ‘Glan De-La fever’ by Rich Holden
21-23: ‘The Asphalt Brothers in Embargo’ by Jason Richardson
24-25: ‘Ebb Tide’ by Phil Laskey
26: ‘The Boy in the Garden Shed’ by John Bagnall
27-28: ‘Donna in Drop Dead Mother!’ by Peter Rigg
29-34: ‘The Unease’ by Darryl Cunningham
35: Illo by John Miller
Back cover by John Bagnall


  • The front cover had watercolour painting added by hand.
  • First and only appearances by Holden, Rigg and Jason Richardson.
  • Jason’s strip was originally a one-pager; we blew up the panels to make it a three-pager.
  • Serpent in Hell was issued in its entirety as one of my A5 comics.
  • The final issue of Fast Fiction.

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