Fast Fiction 7

Publishing history

Edited by Phil Elliott
Published in Maidstone November 1983
24 pp, A5 size, hand-coloured cover, 50 pence cover price


Cover: Phil Elliott
2: Contents page
3-7: ‘Drake Ullingsworth in Near The Knuckle’ by Ed Pinsent
8-10: ‘Gimbley’s Believe it or not #2’ by Phil Elliott
11-13: ‘Fred Herring’ by Russell Christian
14-19: ‘Alec #16’ by Eddie Campbell
20-22: ‘A Tale from Gimbley’ by Phil Elliott
23: Advert for back issues of Fast Fiction
24: Back cover by Ed Pinsent


  • Editorial by Phil Elliott made a confident prediction of “a regular bi-monthly appearance” for the magazine, noted the reduced size of the print run, and offered subscription rates.

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