Fast Fiction 12

Fast Fiction 12

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in Liverpool 1984
32 pp, A5 size, 60 pence cover price
A second edition with a yellow card cover was printed in London September 1989


Cover: Ed Pinsent
2: Contents page (illo by Phil Elliott)
3-6: ‘Jacob’s Hat’ by Phil Elliott
7: ‘Tales from Calico County’ by John Bagnall
8: ‘My Id’s Escaped’ by Frank Martin
9 (top): ‘My Id’s Escaped’ by Frank Martin
9 (bottom): ‘Teenager Activities’ by John Bagnall
10-13: ‘The 7 Faces of Manley Ville’ by Ed Pinsent
14-15: ‘A Wimp Makes Good’ by Mike Hemsley and Tim Budden
16: ‘This Past of Mine’ by Russell Christian
17: ‘We Taught Them Luxury’ by Russell Christian
18: ‘Let’s Find Calmness’ by Russell Christian
19-21: ‘7 Pictures + Title’ by Peter Woodin
22-24: ‘Wench’ by Hildegard Schneider
25-30: ‘The Soul, The Spirit and The Conscious Mind’ by Glenn Dakin
31: (blank)
Back Cover: Illos by Russell Christian


  • EP’s first issue as editor of Fast Fiction.
  • First appearances by Bagnall, Martin, Budden, and Hemsley.
  • Bagnall and Martin were producing their own zine Trashcan in Liverpool around this time. Martin was lead singer in local group The Mel-O-Tones, who later became Walking Seeds.
  • First and only appearance by Hildegard Schneider, a German artist married to Alvaro Pena-Rojas, a Chilean musician who I was in touch with at the time.
  • The contents page was a bit unusual, finding titles other than the correct ones within the works. My own story was retitled as ‘The Lady Looks After Herself’ and Glenn Dakin’s contribution was retitled as ‘Discontent’. The titles for Russell Christian’s works (normally untitled) were conjectured from the texts.

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