Fast Fiction 16

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in Liverpool September 1985
32 pp (unpaginated), A5 size, 70 pence cover price


Cover: Chris Flewitt
2: ‘The Work Without Pay’ by Ed Pinsent
3-5: ‘Sadness and The Hungry Cat’ by Bob Lynch
6-7: ‘Archer is Home from Holiday’ by John Bagnall
8-9: ‘Hey Whitey’ by Crispin Green
10-11: ‘Wheels of Industry’ by Cally Stapleton
12-14: ‘Dr Fingelsten and His Magic Machine’ by Ed Pinsent
15-18: ‘Hilary’s Bluff’ by Chris Flewitt
19: ‘A Tale from Gimbley’ by Phil Elliott
20-23: ‘The Story of Wimpy Homes’ by Tim Budden and Mike Hemsley
24-25: ‘Obstacle Course’ by Ed Pinsent
26-27: ‘Abe’s Prayer’ by Glenn Dakin
28-30: ‘Branch Line’ by Phil Laskey
31: ‘A Tale from Gimbley’ by Phil Elliott
Back cover: John Bagnall


  • Another attempt to do colour printing for the cover, this time using colour stickers; the front and back covers had small images tipped-in by hand.
  • The phrase ‘Pens and Pencils of the UK’ was invented by EP as a kind of unofficial slogan of the small press scene. It never caught on!
  • First appearance by Lynch.

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