Fast Fiction 5

Publishing history

Edited by Phil Elliott
Published in Maidstone / London 1983
20 pp, A5 size, hand-coloured card cover, 40 pence cover price


Wraparound cover: Phil Elliott
2: Contents page
3-5, ‘Noises of the Night’ by Ed Pinsent
6-9: ‘Danger Man’ by Phil Elliott and Jerry Thackray
10-16: ‘Guy Granite in Hidden Cargo’ by Phil Elliott and Alan Gaulton
17-19: ‘Windy Wilberforce in Speak with Forced Tongue’ by Ed Pinsent


  • Jerry Thackray (a college friend of Elliott) became a music journalist, writer, and magazine editor, sometimes calling himself “The Legend”. He is responsible for Careless Talk Costs Lives and Plan B Magazine.
  • A note from Phil Elliott on the inside cover indicates that he was renouncing editorial control and handing it over to Ian Wieczorek.
  • First appearance by Pinsent.

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