Fast Fiction 20

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London July 1986
40 pp (unpaginated), A5 size, three-colour card cover, £1.00 cover price


Cover: John Bagnall (coloured by EP)
2: (blank)
3-5: ‘Case Histories’ by John Bagnall
6: ‘Kato Loco’ by Hollis Dill
7-9 ‘On Stephen’s Calling’ by Chris Flewitt
10-11 ‘The Lighted Cities’ by Chris Reynolds
12: ‘Kato Loco’ by Hollis Dill
13-17: ‘A Flashing Beacon on Copperas Hill’ by Ed Pinsent
18-20: ‘Get Lost Pizzaland’ by Cally Stapleton
21-22: ‘Kato Loco’ by Hollis Dill
23-26: ‘Behold The Hamster (Episode Three)’ by Bob Lynch
27-29: ‘The Avoidance of Pitfalls’ by Rian Hughes
30-31: ‘The New James Deans’ by Steve Way
32: ‘Anton Path’s Purge’ by Glenn Dakin
33-35: ‘Attention’ by Chris Flewitt
36-37: ‘Beacon Notes’ by Ed Pinsent
38: Contents page (illo by EP)
39: (blank)
Back cover: Ed Pinsent


  • The cover was printed by Chris Flewitt’s printer. I prepared the colour layers with just a cheap magic marker and a bottle of whiteout, on sheets on thin paper.
  • Hollis Dill was a pseudonym for Glenn Dakin (he was living in Dollis Hill, north London, at the time). Kato Loco is a veiled homage to Krazy Kat.
  • First (and only) story by Rian Hughes to appear in Fast Fiction.

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