Fast Fiction 14

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in Liverpool April 1985
24 pp (unpaginated), A5 size, 45 pence cover price


Cover: Frank Martin
2: Contents page (illo by Glenn Dakin)
3-5: ‘Calthrop & Co’ by Chris Flewitt
6-10: ‘Drake & His Dog in A Genuine Occurrence’ by Ed Pinsent
11: ‘A Tale from Gimbley’ by Phil Elliott
12-13: ‘A Song of Spring’ by Glenn Dakin
14-17: ‘Mythomystes’ by Tim Budden and Mike Hemsley
18: ‘It’s Time to See Calico County’ by John Bagnall
19-21: ‘Douglas’ by Phil Elliott
22: ‘Noise in the Rigging’ by Crispin Green
23: ‘My Master’s Lame’ by Ed Pinsent
Back cover by Rian Hughes


  • Chris Flewitt’s story (set in a local supermarket) has a minor character named Cally. Flewitt would later start to submit strips under the pseudonym Cally Stapleton. The name of his publishing imprint, Help! Shark, also appears on the last page.
  • Glenn Dakin’s illo was taken from a letter he sent to me.

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