Fast Fiction 26

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London September 1988
32 pp, A5 size, gold card cover, no cover price


Cover: Harley Richardson
2: Contents (illo by Tim Budden)
3-6: ‘Miracle Mall’ by John Bagnall
7-10: ‘Four Astorial Articles’ by Ed Pinsent
11-16: ‘The Rude Invasion’ by Bob Lynch
15: ‘Bloody Disgrace’ by John Watson
16-17: ‘Bits Of Me’ by John Watson
18-20: ‘The Magic Kettle’ by Tim Budden
21: ‘Crippled Girl’ by Gavin Adams
22: ‘Corpse’ by Gavin Adams
23: ‘Ex-Soldier’ by Gavin Adams
24-25: ‘The Gasworks Girls versus The Desperate Dozen’ by John Miller
26-31: ‘Captain Maroon gets Taken Down to Size’ by Harley Richardson
Back cover: John Miller


  • First appearances by Adams and Miller.

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