Fast Fiction 28

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London 1989
34 pp, A4 size, blue paper cover, side-stapled, no cover price


Cover: Carol Swain
Contents page (illo by Russell Christian)
4: Russell Christian
5-11: ‘Tales from the Big Top’ written by Lazarus Dobelsky, drawn by Ed Pinsent
12-15: ‘Salt Retention’ by Russell Christian
16-17: ‘Thru Landlord’s Eyes’ by Wild Beast
18-19 ‘Untitled Badger Tale’ by Tim Budden
20-23: ‘Radioship XM’ by John Miller
24: ‘Say Agh’ by Russell Christian
25: ‘More Spilt War Myths’ by Russell Christian
26: ‘Untitled drawing’ by Russell Christian
27: ‘Lost in Amerika’ by Russell Christian
28-33: ‘The Cure’ by Denny Derbyshire
34: ‘Untitled drawing’ by John Miller
Back cover by Carol Swain


  • First issue to be printed A4 size since #8. The contributions looked very good at this size, but many mistakes happened in the printing process. The printer could only print on A4 paper (not A3 folded), so we settled for side-stitching. Even that went wrong; the finishers stapled it in the top left-hand corner, as though the magazine were a sheaf of office papers. The inside covers (pp 2 and 35) were supposed to be left blank, but that also went wrong, and ruined the page numbers (they all ended up in the gutter).
  • Miller’s story remained A5 size (the size of the contribution) with a large white border.
  • First appearance of Wild Beast, a South African artist whose real name may have been Joanne. She was an avid collector of 3-D postcards.
  • The welcome return of Russell Christian, a magical artist and wonderful person who suddenly returned to the UK briefly and left a few drawings behind.
  • My story was written for me by Australian writer Dobelsky, who I met during my sojourn with the Fox Comics team in Australia. A part two was planned, but never completed.

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