Fast Fiction 29

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London March 1990
40 pp, A4 size, buff card cover, side-stapled, no cover price


Cover: Bob Lynch
2: Contents page
3-7: ‘Poll Tax Attack!’ by Bob Lynch
8-10: ‘An Astorial Anecdote’ by Phil Elliott and Ed Pinsent
11: ‘Dogs Baying at the Moon’ by Sally Tiffin
12-13: ‘Flea Market Bargains’ by John Bagnall’
14-19: ‘The Defenestration of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ by Mark Robinson
20-21: ‘Neighbourhood Party Chaos’ by Julian Geek
22-26: ‘Untitled’ by Darryl Cunningham
27: ‘London’ (extract) by Wild Beast
28-29: ‘Zooty’ by John Miller
30-31: ‘Woolf’ by Russell Christian
32-39: ‘Lotus Eater’ by Carol Swain and Ed Pinsent
Back cover by Julian Geek


  • First and only appearance by Sally Tiffin, sculptress and sister of Tom Tiffin.
  • First appearance by Darryl Cunningham, a talented latecomer to the Fast Fiction scene.
  • Julian Geek is a pseudonym for Tom Tiffin.
  • The Astorial piece is a jam strip, with Elliott and EP alternating panels on a story that was made up on the spot one afternoon in Maidstone.
  • Swain’s story was written and drawn by her, working to very rough scenario notes by EP.
  • Robinson’s exceptionally fine story featured spectacular painterly half-tones, which may have been done using Craftint (or a variant of same). The printers just managed to do it justice.
  • One of the editor’s favourite issues.

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