Fast Fiction 23

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London 1987
28 pp (unpaginated), A5 size, plain white cover, no cover price


Cover: John Watson
2: Contents page (illo by EP)
3-6: ‘The Unexplained’ by Tom Tiffin
7-8: ‘Dead Trees’ by Graham Johnstone
9-11: ‘The Chain Letter’ by Paul Grist
12-13: ‘Unfinished story’ by Placid
14-15: ‘Spy: Alarm Cock’ by John Watson
16-18: ‘Sav’s Savage Fury!’ by Bob Lynch
19-22: ‘The Haters’ by Colin Upton
23-24: Two drawings by Rodney Rigby
25-27: ‘Fish Tale’ by Denny Derbyshire
Back cover: ‘The Haunted Chequerboard’ by Marina Swann


  • First and only appearances by Placid and Colin Upton. Upton was a mini-comics artist and publisher from Vancouver. Placid is the notorious French “graphiste” artiste. It was quite unusual for Fast Fiction to feature non-English artists at all, let alone two of them in a single issue.
  • First appearances by Tiffin and Derbyshire. I went on to collaborate with Denny Derbyshire in the 1990s, and we produced five issues of The Staring Eye. She also produced her own comics, although some reckon her small press masterpiece to be Duckdale Express, of which several issues were produced, written by the very talented Spencer Woodcock.
  • Marina Swann is a pseudonym for Phil Laskey.
  • First and only appearance by Scots artist Graham Johnstone, and it’s a reprint of a strip from 1981; an adaptation of a short passage from Albert Camus’ The Outsider. Johnstone edited Dead Trees magazine.

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