Fast Fiction 22

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in London April 1987
24 pp (unpaginated), A5 size, plain white cover, no cover price


Cover: Phil Laskey
2: Contents page (illo by Rodney Rigby)
3-5: ‘Kite Tale’, written by Phil Elliott, drawn by Ed Pinsent
6: Two drawings by Rodney Rigby
7: ‘Common Sense’ by John Watson
8: Two drawings by Rodney Rigby
9-12: ‘Behold The Dinosaur (alternate ending to Behold The Hamster)’ by Bob Lynch
13-14: ‘Amnesia’ by Neville Smith
15-18: ‘Ralph and Kate’ by Chris Flewitt
19-21: ‘Sparta Valley scrap-book’ by John Bagnall
22-23: ‘The Great Globe’ by Phil Laskey
Back cover: ‘Common Sense’ by John Watson


  • First appearances by Neville Smith and John Watson.
  • Watson, the creator of numerous SPY mini-comics, was a very modest and extremely talented musician, illustrator and cartoonist, who sadly died very young in 2000.

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