Fast Fiction 9

Publishing history

Edited by Phil Elliott
Published in Maidstone June 1984
16 pp, 60 pence cover price


Cover: Phil Elliott
2: Contents page
3-6: ‘Alec’ by Eddie Campbell
7-8: ‘Peachy Finds Peace’ by Russell Christian
9: Fast Fiction Supplement
10-11: ‘Robert Self’ by Pete Woodin
12-13: ‘A to B’ by Phil Elliott
14-16: ‘Drake Ullingsworth in Stablemates’ by Ed Pinsent


  • Fast Fiction 9 incorporated Fast Fiction 10. FF 9 was a nearly square-sized comic (180 x 200 mm), and FF 10 was four mini-comics inserted (in a bag) in FF 9. This resulted in 80 pages of work, and the format was ingeniously designed by Elliott; he worked out how to print the whole thing on 4 sheets of A3 paper, double-sided.
  • First appearance by Woodin.

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