Fast Fiction 13

Publishing history

Edited by Ed Pinsent
Published in Liverpool February 1985
24 pp (unpaginated), A5 size, 45 pence cover price


Cover: Ed Pinsent
2: Contents page (illo by Russell Christian)
3-7: ‘The Ballad of Mr Ossawary’ by Ed Pinsent
8-10: ‘The Shifting Sands’ by Crispin Green
11-12: ‘Film Review’ by Glenn Dakin
13-16: ‘A Brush with the Facts’ by Chris Flewitt
17-19: ‘Daniel and Meyssac’ by Phil Elliott
20: ‘Adventures in the Hard-Core Life’ by Frank Martin
21-22: ‘Tales from Calico County: Joe and Abe go to town’ by John Bagnall
23: (blank)
24: Back cover ‘Rocky Rocky’ by Frank Martin


  • First appearances by Flewitt and Green.
  • ‘The Ballad of Mr Ossawary’ later reprinted in Honk! magazine (Fantagraphics).

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