New comic: Ramollo vs Illegal Batman

New for May 2019. This collection reprints all five Ramollo stories to date, showing in painful detail the decline and misfortunes of this luckless fellow. Starting out in life as a lowly bank clerk, Ramollo starts off embezzling funds via his computer. This first act of crime is enough to put him on Illegal Batman’s radar, and it’s all downhill from that point. Ramollo loses his job, his home, and even his human shape when he turns into a dog. It’s a regrettable mutation which he never really manages to shake off.

In other fantastic stories, he finds the mysterious Ice Baby, turns into a flying dragon, and dreams of losing his voice.

The earliest story here is from 1991, the latest from 2003. Some of them appeared as small press comics in the 1990s, others are seeing print for the first time (although they were available online for a time). The cover to this collection is new. It’s a pastiche of a Silver Age DC 80pg Giant cover.

80 pages, A4 size, perfect bound, glossy cover. Price £8.00 plus postage and packing.