Sun Jam

Here we have scans of Sun Jam, which was an improvised comic strip made by Darryl Cunningham, Paul Schroeder, and myself. Drawn very quickly in one single session. No pencilling, just inking right onto the page (though some TippEx afterwards!) The rules were that each artist would start a page with the first two panels, then pass it along to be continued. The challenge was negotiating the joins and getting it to come out as a coherent (well …) story; I forget exactly how we managed that.

Cover of minicomic courtesy of Paul Schroeder

Sun Jam ended up being published as a square-sized mini comic. I don’t have a scan of the cover but I’m sure I must have a copy somewhere. This would have been at some point in the mid-1990s. Collaborative comic strips were quite popular with Schroeder and with some of the Caption artists too. I think the method had been picked up at a workshop, and it carried the name of the tutor who proposed it.