Drake in Fox Comics

The editors of Fox Comics printed quite a few of my Drake Ullingsworth stories in the 1980s. Here are some selected pages, as printed, from the stories “Drake and His Dog Meet The Mariner Man” and “New Savagery In Jaystown”. They were serialised to some extent, long stories broken up into chapters. Later, I submitted chapters from a story called “Lipville’s Knife”, which was a sequel story to ‘New Savagery’ in which Drake and his Dog planned to assassinate the Mayor by stabbing him in the heart. This Knife tale was supposed to be quite an epic, but I never completed it, and the story just hangs in mid-air after two very curious chapters, involving a meeting with psychic / telekinetic children.

These Drake stories were drawn in ink and wash on cartridge paper, which affords for nice water-colour type effects on the original artwork. The Fox technical team managed varying degrees of success when reproducing this.

For Fox Comics 17, David Bird enlarged and collaged my Mariner Man drawings into a cover wraparound and added blue and green colours, which I think looks nifty. Also shown is the full wraparound painting I did for #25.