Drake 2019 – work in progress

August 9th, 2019

Here are two scans from a new Drake Ullingsworth story which is underway. I’m trying out this blue non-photo pencil which is new to me. It’s supposed not to show up in the scanner / photocopier. Not completely perfect I’m finding, but a little bit of tweaking in the GIMP seems to help.

New comic: Ramollo vs Illegal Batman

May 2nd, 2019

New for May 2019. This collection reprints all five Ramollo stories to date, showing in painful detail the decline and misfortunes of this luckless fellow. Starting out in life as a lowly bank clerk, Ramollo starts off embezzling funds via his computer. This first act of crime is enough to put him on Illegal Batman’s radar, and it’s all downhill from that point. Ramollo loses his job, his home, and even his human shape when he turns into a dog. It’s a regrettable mutation which he never really manages to shake off.

In other fantastic stories, he finds the mysterious Ice Baby, turns into a flying dragon, and dreams of losing his voice.

The earliest story here is from 1991, the latest from 2003. Some of them appeared as small press comics in the 1990s, others are seeing print for the first time (although they were available online for a time). The cover to this collection is new. It’s a pastiche of a Silver Age DC 80pg Giant cover.

80 pages, A4 size, perfect bound, glossy cover. Price £8.00 plus postage and packing.

Illegal Batman reviewed

January 24th, 2019

This very positive review appeared on Kevin Gilvear’s blog. Thanks Kevin!

The 12 Labours of Windy Wilberforce

January 1st, 2019

Windy Wilberforce in The 12 Labours of Windy

New book by Ed Pinsent published January 2019

74pp book, perfect bound, full colour cover, interiors in black and white with halftones

Price £8.99 plus postage from lulu.com

From The Labour of the Karkos Kode to the Labour of the Infernal Survey, Windy must complete 12 impossible tasks to save the livelihood of his old friend, the fisherman Harry Excess. As his adventures grow more fantastical and dream-like, Windy begins to suspect a darker agency at work behind the wishes of the 12 mysterious millionaires who commissioned this work.

This story took me about 16 months from conception to completion. The only Windy story of comparable length is The Saga Of The Scroll, but that arrived as a series of six-page chapters, in very episodic form, with long breaks in between. Conversely, Labours was planned as a single thought-through story.

Windy undergoes his usual transformations, his flights, his travels in time and space, his entering into dream worlds, his changes of costume, and meets with characters both real and imaginary. His adventures bring him into contact with a number of modern evils and catastrophes, including sea pollution, exploitative land-grabs, and unwelcome developments in technology and the Internet.

While the story can be read as a not-very-deep commentary on the shortcomings of modern capitalism, there’s also an occult-ish and esoteric dimension involving strange letters being used for nefarious purposes, thus inverting the purity of the printed page and the book, precepts which Windy must live by. Further, there’s the suggestion that mankind’s proclivity towards evil is just one step away from making a pact with Dark Forces which we don’t understand and whose power we cannot control. There is a price to be paid for this, as the story shows.

Meanwhile, Windy and Harry’s natural qualities of charity, generosity, compassion and helpfulness are shown to be very much at odds with the way of the world; Windy is hopelessly out of date, misunderstood and ignored by everyone, and Harry’s altruistic dream of putting fish in the mouths of man is all but ruined. These two would-be saints are in a precarious position. Will they survive?

Click to order The 12 Labours of Windy
Price £8.99 + postage & packing from lulu.com

New Drake Ullingsworth Comic!

July 24th, 2017

New Drake Ullingsworth comic!
Published July 2017
36pp, A4 size, glossy covers, interiors with halftones

Drake Goes Into The Underworld, Becomes a Demon and Also Meets King Shop

“Enjoyed the new Drake book. Very powerful. The art is Kirbyesque at times!” – JOHN BAGNALL

Price £5.00 plus post
Click the Lulu icon to order your copy now

Drake Ullingsworth, the psychic detective with the talking dog, is one of Ed Pinsent’s oldest characters, originally invented in 1983.

This all-new story takes a wry look at the modern world encroaching on Drake, who now feels himself to be an old relic and out of step with society. He is beaten up and taunted by young people in society and alienated from the joys of shopping. Despite this, the forces of monopoly capitalism embrace Drake as one of their own, and he’s recruited by the mysterious King Shop to serve time in the Iron Mall, a new shopping development. Simultaneously the agencies of the underworld, as epitomised by streetwise kid “Mor”, drag Drake into their subterranean world, eventually transforming him into a flying demon. Drake’s Dog, aloof from all of the action, observes life from the safety of his lair in the cloud.

This story’s got everything…violence, urban decay, flying devils, mobs running riot in the streets, supernatural dark forces, an overpowering television presence in the sky, and ubiquitous mobile phones. Only Drake can see what’s really going on, or so he thinks. Here we see the sense of doubt.

Illegal Batman Reprint!

February 27th, 2017

Here’s a limited edition reprint of my “greatest hit”, Illegal Batman, originally published in 1990.

Only 50 copies printed; 5 went to Gosh Comics London, 5 to my collection, leaving 40 copies available for sale now. The book is A4, 20pp b/w interior. The pages were scanned from the original art. The cover was scanned from a copy of the original 1990 small press edition. Even the side staples from the original are visible! However, I’ve added typeset quotes and stuff to the front and back covers.

Each copy is hand-numbered on the inside back cover.

Only available from the artist. Email me for enquiries, or if you’re ready to buy, go to my Shop Page. All prices are in GBP. Please indicate if you want your copy signed.

Prices are for Royal Mail International Standard.

  • UK customers: GBP 4.00 post paid
  • Europe customers: GBP 6.00 post paid
  • USA and ROW customers: GBP 7.00 post paid

All customers: for GBP 10.00 I’ll send you the book with an original sketch on the inside cover.

Batman copyright and trademarks are owned by Warner Brothers and DC Comics.
“Illegal Batman” is a work of fan art.

New Illegal Batman Comic

August 9th, 2016


Available now at Lulu.com


Batman copyright and trademarks are owned by Warner Brothers and DC Comics. Illegal Batman Meets The Man Behind The Curtain was written and drawn by Ed Pinsent in 2016 and is a work of fan art. Please direct any questions to the artist.

Please note: I am making zero profit on any sales, and the cost of ordering / shipping reflects the prices Lulu.com charge for creating the book and sending it to you.

New Sun Ra comic out now

September 6th, 2015


New comic book available now! Windy Wilberforce Meets Sun Ra. A 28-pp comic which proposes Windy Wilberforce performing as a free jazz saxophonist in New York in the early 1960s, making a critically-acclaimed album called Provenance for the Prestige label. But commercial success eludes him, and by a chain of coincidence he enters the orbit of the mysterious Sun Ra.

In the alternative-reality fantasy story that follows, Windy becomes the curator of Alton Abraham’s library, wears an elaborate space-age costume created by June Tyson, plays with The Arkestra, travels in outer space, meets John Cage and Chris Cutler, visits the Egyptian pyramids, and works on a telescope that can see backwards in time. And more…

The story is constructed as a series of one-page, six-panel episodes, some of them expanding into full-page spreads.

Written and drawn June-August 2015 and published early September 2015. This is my first all-new story of this length for a long time.

Available now from www.lulu.com priced £5.00. Click the logo below to purchase same.


5th October update: positive review from Tom Murphy at Broken Frontier (Exploring The Comics Universe). I am particularly touched that he regards Windy as an old acquaintance; I should be happy if the character is becoming real for other readers.

26th October update: Chris Reynolds writes “Just bought Sun Ra along with my latest test samples. It’s a good “fiat”, “let-it-be-so” comic, as shown in the part of the dream where they are walking down the street in their finery and meet the drongos. Thanks for publishing this!”

Coming soon – new Sun Ra / Windy comic

August 31st, 2015


A taste from WINDY WILBERFORCE MEETS SUN RA – due to be published September 2015.

Readers react to Illegal Batman

October 26th, 2014


“This fucking comic truly disturbs me, and I don’t know why. There’s something so completely and utterly wrong with, yet I can’t define it.”

“I don’t understa–aah?? I have so many questions. Can Illegal Batman solve my confusion?”

“he’s dank as a motherfucker and more besides”

“Is this the guy who did Silver Age Superman?”

“Ouch. Shot right in the feels.”


“This looks like it belongs in that Bizarro World anthology.”

“I’m not even sure.”


“I like how Batman casually walks through doors without explanation.”

“batman is against the fucking law”

“thank you for introducing me to Ed Pinsent’s work. I fucking love it. The guy’s a real artist/poet.”

Source: https://archive.moe/co/thread/66194534/