The Forgotten Batman Book 3 – out now

The Forgotten Batman Book 3 of 3
Published January 2024

The conclusion to this three-part story, started in July 2020. The first instalment appeared in 2021. In this conclusion, we see our hero make a triumphant return from the past and successfully puts everything right in Gotham City. The defeat of each colourful criminal is given at least a half page of exciting graphic action, as Illegal Batman devises even more ingenious methods to outwit the foe, including (my personal favourite) transforming himself into a giant computer punch-card.

For this book, I went back to writing the script with a biro and paper. For me, this is a good way of writing that is both speedier and more spontaneous – good ideas are set down on the page much more instantly. The previous parts, written using the word processor, may have ended up a bit too verbose. I liked the eccentric dialogue and captions of books 1-2, but this time I made a conscious effort to return to the “big pictures” that (some say) are one of my trademarks. For a recent example of big pictures gone mad, see “The Imbalance of Nature” in a recent issue of Ugly Mug. In book 3, this trend culminates in a double-page action spread in the Jack Kirby tradition (sort of).

Book 3 also continues the time-travel elements of this story, with views of the past rendered as ink-and-wash halftones, and even more convoluted time-paradox moments – including an apparent “alternative timeline” device. This has become an over-used trope in animated TV shows (e.g. Family Guy, Rick and Morty) so I didn’t want to over-think it. There’s also a nod to Weird Tales and Robert E. Howard, in a little coincidence which is noted on the back cover.

It has taken the character over three years to move from being “forgotten” to “remembered” – the remembering happens in this volume, by degrees, with different characters in different ways, and in Latin. The front cover visualises his re-ascension, in a world now free from the infection of the cloud, and equipped with extra eyes.

The Batman created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.
Batman copyright and trademarks are owned by Warner Brothers and DC Comics.
“The Forgotten Batman” is a work of fan art.

28pp book, A4 saddle-stitched book, full colour covers on matte stock, interiors on 80# coated paper.
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