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Voice of the Wilberforce: A Book of Signs

Voice of The Wilberforce was published in 2003 by Kingly Books, ISBN: 0 9531639 3 8. 54pp perfect-bound paperback with full colour covers.

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‘I thought it good to shew the signs and wonders that the high God hath wrought toward me.’ – DANIEL 4:2


“A blustery, beleaguered, ever-curious linguist and thinker, Windy Wilberforce is the character to whom Ed Pinsent seems most attached, chronicling him across more than 20 years. Six of Windy’s unpublished or little seen tales from the last ten years are gathered in Voice Of The Wilberforce. These are visionary comics, not linear or plotbound, but rich with dreams, signs, languages, alchemical symbols; they fascinate like parables open to endless interpretation.” – PAUL GRAVETT

“I thought I might have seen the last of Pinsent the comics artist, but here at last, once again, comes Windy Wilberforce. Windy Wilberforce has been a recurring character in Ed’s work, his first appearance came back in 1983 and this book collects work from 1992 to 2003. A puff-cheeked metamorphic figure in top hat and tails, Windy’s adventures take him skipping and blundering through strange zones of earth, sea and air guided by dream logic and whimsy. Ed’s great talent is his ability to take a story in any direction while maintaining an internal credibility. There’s no way of guessing what might happen next, but the reader never feels cast loose with the suspicion the writer/artist is just making this up as he goes along. The narratives are carefully structured and the pages of artwork well-designed and beautifully-executed with a flowing brushstroke line that’s always thrillingly vibrant.” – MR SLOANE

“..a journey through acres of disjointed, dreamlike imagery…almost like a puzzle, each frame is memorable.” – The List Magazine February 2004

“These are visionary comics… rich with dreams, signs, languages, alchemical symbols; they fascinate like parables open to endless interpretation.” – Comics International October 2003

“Voice of the Wilberforce: A Book of Signs (Kingly Books) is a truly bizarre set of stories, following the diminutive, rotund intellectual Windy Wilberforce through a series of metaphysical adventures that are equal parts kid’s stories and adult-style bad dreams. Soothing!” – Byron Coley, Bull Tongue

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