Sea Creature Zorch

Here’s an old postcard from a set of postcards I drew in about 1983 or 1984. They were all surreal single-frame images plucked from imaginary comic stories that never were. Perhaps the reader was supposed to ponder what happened before and after each drawing. Here, it seems that a matelot is being menaced by a flying sea-creature on board a ship (or is it a coracle?), except that the sea creature is pretty much a distorted cat with huge arms, and not especially menacing at all. Although he does have two sets of ears.

The word “Zorch”, as the world knows, was made famous by Nervus Norvus on his 1956 rock and roll novelty song ‘Ape Call’, along with other gems of hep pre-beatnik slang.

Colours added by me in 2010 using The GIMP.

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