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Added a sizeable number of scans to the A4-sized comics galleries, including Witch #2, Velocity #6, Scenes From The Inside, Beathag #1-4, Dark Tales, and numerous issues of Mauretania Comics. The work of Chris Reynolds and his friend Paul Harvey is, to me, one of the most singular achievements in the world of the UK small press, although I realise you might not appreciate this from seeing the covers alone (even though they are beautiful). One of these days an appreciative essay is in order. In the meantime, please browse the covers in my collection (I’m shattered to realise I’m missing a few issues). Issues #1-3 are photocopied A4 size; it went to US comic book size for issues #4-6, then settled on a magazine digest size until #16, which might have been the end of the run. The books were professionally litho-printed by Robert Blamire, the third partner in the Mauretania triumvirate. To me, the cover to #8 is just sheer perfection.

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  1. Hi again Ed – I promised about a gazillion years ago that I’d go through my small press collection and scan anything you didn’t have – and here I am promising again!

    BTW, didn’t Penguin publish a Mauretania book? I can’t remember if it was original or a compliation.

  2. > didn’t Penguin publish a Mauretania book? I can’t remember if it was original or a compliation.

    They did indeed. It came out in 1990 and was subtitled “A Mystery and a Love Story from a Darker World”. The main (long) story, featuring Susan, Jimmy and Monitor, was all new; I don’t know if it’s been reprinted since. I think Penguin commissioned it as a new “graphic novel”, which at the time was still a relatively new term. There was a small amount of reprinted material at the back of the book.

    I’m proud to say that Chris gave me a personally inscribed copy of the book when it was published. His inscription reads “Best wishes, Ed. Without you, this may not have happened. With much affection, Chris.”

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