The ever-elusive Russell Christian

We were absolutely delighted to hear from Russell Christian last month. “Check out my World In Disarray“, he suggests. “Mostly old comics, but stuff you’ve never seen. Putting them up on the blog might even encourage me to start drawing comics again (when I’m not spitting fire at the Big Bankers, or teaching little kids how to have fun with Art at the Bruxist Manifesto Institute. Ah yes! The ever elusive Art, who always evades. You get to the bedsit and he’s gone and the trail is cold.”

Russell’s oblique mind continues to find art hidden in the most unlikely places. “Your site wouldn’t let me comment,” he told me. “To the question: Are comics made of paper or glass? I answered: They are see-through and yet strangely opaque (when they are good that is). But my answer, apparently, was wrong.”

As I said in reply: that is because computers are not poets. Even though some say ‘code is poetry’.