The Longbox of Yesteryear

We just discovered an excellent blog by Nick Jones, who has posted on the UK Small Press with a detailed overview of The Elephant of Surprise. He also has some images of some Fast Fiction info sheets. Which reminds me that we must get around to putting scans of those online here, although it’s not exactly a trivial task. By rights one ought to OCR the text as well, which is not something I’m looking forward to; the sheets were originally produced using an Amstrad PC1512, whose printed font (while legible) is not exactly conducive to the scanning process.

Nick’s blog also covers many other aspects of books and comics, and is beautifully written and illustrated.

3 Replies to “The Longbox of Yesteryear”

  1. Thanks for the link, Ed, and the kind words! I’ve posted a few more of those small press columns now; latest one’s on John Bagnall. By the way, you were sitting next to a friend of mine at the Comiket at the weekend: Martin Eden. I’ve known Martin for years — we worked together at Titan (he’s still there of course).

  2. Hi Ed

    Things go around: this post pointed me to Nick’s website where I read a review of your Illegal Batman comic (which I reread, and found to be even better than I remembered, and my memory said it was great), which lead me to finally ordering that big collection of your work from Eibonvale Press


  3. David

    Thanks so much! To me this suggests that the internet “works”. I hope you enjoy the Eibonvale book, all the artwork is “remastered”. It’s like CD comics.


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