Magic Mirror Book launched today!

Eibonvale Books are publishing Magic Mirror, a sumptuous collection of my comic strips as a 350pp paperback (with a hardback edition to follow). It’s all printed A4 size, with a new painted full-colour cover. I made the selection myself, drew a new frontispiece page, and added some extensive notes at the back of the book, about the first time I’ve written at any length about my past work.

Half of the book is devoted to Windy Wilberforce and includes The Saga Of The Scroll presented as I would wish, in its entirety and at a size that displays the drawings to their advantage. Plus there’s most of Windy’s early adventures, collected together for the first time. The other half of the book is divided into themed sections (humour, fables, poetry, Astorial stories, dark tales…) and collects some of my favourite stories, including a few written by Denny Derbyshire.

The cover is supposed to represent aspects of various characters’ faces, all refracted through the prism of art. Of course I suppose it would only make sense to a reader familiar with all my characters. Watch this space for further details as the book becomes available.

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  1. Hi Ed

    You might remember me – I was a reviewer on Zum! back in the day, and I think I nearly met you a couple of times at CCG events at Dilke St (but was too shy to say hello!)

    Anyway, just a note to say how thrilled I was to discover your fab new web presence and the publication of Magic Mirror. I’ll be grabbing a copy of the hardback and recommending it to anyone who’ll stand still for long enough to listen.

    I’m also looking forward to spending many happy hours ploughing through the material on your site. I still remember with giddy joy the day in late ’86 when the nice man at Meanwhile in Camden asked if I was interested in small press comics and opened a cupboard of marvels (I remember picking up some Astorial issues that day)

    I hope you’re well, and that the book gives you more of the exposure you deserve

    Take care

  2. Dear Tom

    Thanks for your comment – yes, I well remember your excellent contributions to ZUM!. Very much appreciate your kind words about the website – I hope to keep adding to it when I find time. If you have cover scans you can send me, it would certainly help the total effort.

    Also thanks for encouraging sentiments about the Magic Mirror book. I’m very excited about it myself, it’s certainly the best presentation of my work to date.


  3. Hi Ed,

    Came across your site while doing a Google Image search for Luke Walsh’s work and saw to my joy this book is out. Have ordered a copy and was driven to blog, as is my way.

    Incidentally, was delighted to see the back cover – iirc that issue of Zum was my first and therefore also my first introduction to your work.

    Hope you’re well.

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