Club Dog in Colour

Here you can download three separate drawings for an unfinished and unpublished comic strip, from around 1988.

I had just come back from a comics festival in Treviso, courtesy of Paul Gravett who kindly asked me to join him at this amazing event, and I met some friendly artists and lovely people. I must have been fired with enthusiasm for using colour. Also I evidently didn’t feel it was necessary to come up with a meaningful story. As non-events go, this is an all-time classic for me; a dog walks off the street into a psychedelic night club and sees amazing sights, including dogs smoking bones. It’s intended to be read as a single row. The colours were made with my trusty Caran D’Ache Neocolour crayons, but also some felt-tip pens for the stronger colours (e.g. the magenta of the neon sign).

There actually was a Club Dog in London. Around 1986 or 1987, I applied for some freelance work at City Limits magazine (a now-defunct listings magazine). I got a couple of commissions out of that, which is unusual for me as I rarely get paid work. One of them was for Club Zoo. The other one was for Club Dog, and I drew a freaky dog wearing sunglasses, with op-art patterns in black and white. Later, I learned that the night club bootlegged my image, and started using it on all their flyers. But that’s another story…