Hello There Tom Tiffin

Tom Tiffin did lively and splurgy small press comics such as The Big Lift – entertainingly combining painterly artwork with parodies of film noir, and liberally borrowing from cartoon and comics “tropes”. Later, he created hand-made greetings cards – he may still be doing that, for all I know. He managed to make it into a successful business, and at one time had a stall at Camden Lock Market selling them. I always admire anyone who can run a business or make money in any way, though he told me it wasn’t easy getting that stall; I gather it’s very competitive, and not always a smooth ride once you’re in place, even.

Tom sent me this card I know not when, but inside he wrote that he evidently couldn’t respond to my invitation due to family commitments. The saturated colours are made, I think, with felp-tip pens (expensive ones), plus there are blobs of glitter paint which stand up in relief, and cartoon eyes glued on the face of the grinning cat.

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