Vladimir’s Memoirs

Here you can download a scan of the opening page from an unpublished and unfinished story featuring Vladimir The Medico.

I started this in 2001; I recall it was a very depressing and sour story, of which the crucial narrative points depended on misunderstandings and a serious lack of communication. Vladimir feels trapped in his job and is, unwillingly, performing cruel experiments on animals. Every conversation he has with his superiors is a train wreck, leading to anger and resentment. It just gets worse. The script may have been finished, but I only drew three pages – this one, and two others which are only pencilled in.

On reflection, perhaps I’m better off not completing this story. But there’s some nice drawing even in this unfinished splash panel. An older Vladimir is in the top half of the page, remembering the past and accepting it with stoic clenched teeth.