New – The Forgotten Batman Book 2!

Illegal Batman in “The Forgtten Batman”
Book 2 of 3

Continuing from the cliff-hanger of the previous volume, Illegal Batman has just completed his recovery from the strange cloud of infection, and managed to apprehend one of the invaders who has been lurking in the Batcave. He now realises he needs to travel back in time to pursue his enemies. He fetches up in 1932 Gotham City, a gentler and more caring time, and befriends the eccentric poetry-loving Commissioner Devin at the police headquarters. Using what little technology is now available to him, he works with radio to spy on the impregnable stronghold of his hidden enemy. What he learns there will affect him deeply. Meanwhile, the crime wave continues to overrun Gotham City in the present day, as Officer Sanford loses control of the situation. Will Batman ever return? “He didn’t let us down. Truer to say that Gotham City has failed him. A true hero would never be seen here now.”

Along with halftones (in the computer), I have used watercolour, ink and wash, and gouache to convey the sense of travelling back in time to “old Gotham City”. This makes for a visually exciting book, with plenty of contrasting tones and shades.

Batman copyright and trademarks are owned by Warner Brothers
and DC Comics.
“The Forgotten Batman” is a work of fan art.

32pp book, A4 saddle-stitched book, full colour covers on matte stock, interiors on 80# coated paper.
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