Readers react to Illegal Batman

“This fucking comic truly disturbs me, and I don’t know why. There’s something so completely and utterly wrong with, yet I can’t define it.” “I don’t understa–aah?? I have so many questions. Can Illegal Batman solve my confusion?” “he’s dank as a motherfucker and more besides” “Is this the guy who did Silver Age Superman?”…

Sean T. Collins reviews Illegal Batman

Webcomic Wednesday: Illegal Batman by Ed Pinsent Deconstructions of the Batman, even excellent ones, are nothing new, but I’ve never seen anyone or anything break it down to the molecular level and reassemble it into a wondrous and haunting new form the way Ed Pinsent does in Illegal Batman. Or should I say the way…

Jamka T-Shirt

Limited edition T-shirt which I drew this year for the Slovakian electronics duo Jamka. This is my first T-shirt design and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. News should be appearing on Jamka’s site soon, with details of how you can buy yours.

Planet 4 is small and mean

Chris Reynolds goes digital…computer lettering, digital colours and airbrush effects in his new comic book Planet 4. Described as “meditative science fiction”, the story features Monitor revisiting an old planetary haunt and experiencing many bittersweet and conflicting emotions. As ever, Reynolds imagines and visualises some astonishing tangible details, poised between the banal and the beautiful,…

More additions to the galleries

Found some more A4-sized zines to scan into the galleries. This upload includes the remaining issues of ZUM!, the UK small press review zine of the 1990s; plus most of my collection of Savage Pencil comix. Links below. SPG5 SPG6 SPG7 Article Zines Foreign small press

Russell Willis video

Russell Willis flips through the pages of his collection of Fast Fiction zines, with added commentary.

Beware The Egg

The great Chris Reynolds has a new website dedicated to his Cinema Detectives series. From here you can purchase new Cinema Detectives stories for your Kindle. Rosa Pleck tracks down Gan at Sheffield Hallam University and is puzzled by the sight of a large egg sitting on the stairs of the halls of residence…and that’s…

Video from the Comica Festival 2010

Here is a video made by Stephen Poulacheris of last November’s Comica event. I turned up to sell books, do a live drawing, and I also took part in a short interview with Stephen. I appear from around 8:30 on this YouTube video.

Gallery additions #3

Started a new galery for “foreign” small press comics, that is to say non-UK small press publications. My collection of these is not very extensive and I expect the entire collection to fit into a single gallery. We’re starting off with titles from A-D, with some beautifully produced items from the USA, Canada, and France….